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Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming more used than normal desktop computers or laptops. The main reason for this is likely the convenience that comes with mobile devices – you can use them anywhere.

With the increase in popularity comes the need for new and better apps and software than before. App development companies are creating amazing apps and today we look at some of the top companies as well as some of the top apps.

Top Mobile App Development Companies

There are hundreds of app development companies in the world and we take a look at just some of these.

LeewayHertz from the USA
This company is based in San Francisco and has been developing mobile apps for 10 years. They pride themselves on being innovative and on the ball. They develop apps for several famous brands and businesses.

Waracle from the UK
Waracle is based in Scotland and has some of the best developers in the world working for them. They develop apps for NHS Scotland, Ryder Cup, and many more clients. They are quite unique in the sense that they develop apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Development.

ScienceSoft from Europe
This company started with software development decades ago and has recently decided to include mobile app development as one of their main development areas. They have worked with some big names like IBM, BBC, and eBay.

Octal Info Solution from India
Octal is an outsourcing company that has worked with companies of all sizes across the world. They are known for their attention to detail and for catering for each business’s specific needs.

Top Mobile Apps

New mobile apps become available almost daily, so this list will soon need to be updated. However, at present, these are some of the best mobile apps available in 2017.

Blue Mail – This is an all-in-one app to organise emails from almost every provider you can think of. It has great functions like color-coding and widgets.

Google Maps – This is obviously not a new app, but it still remains one of the best apps around. It is basically the only navigation app that is used across the world and it is updated regularly to keep ahead.

LastPass Password Manager – This app allows you to save your passwords and other login details in a safe place. You can even use it to generate strong passwords and it is compatible with many different devices.

Pocket Casts – This is the best app for podcast lovers. You can download or stream any podcasts through this app. It is video and audio friendly so you can really listen and watch almost any podcast you want.

SwiftKey – This is a keyboard app that can be customized to your preferences. It is for free and you can make it work for you.

Mobile devices and mobile apps are not going away anytime soon. Instead, we expect these types of companies and apps to continue growing, improving, and probably eventually take over the digital world.

Try them out and send us your feedback. You can find more on mobile apps and software on the USEFUL RESOURCES page.


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