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Technology: Good or Evil?

Is technology good or evil? This is a question asked by many people in the last decade or so. The answer is not a simple or black and white one. As with most things in life, technology also has the good and the bad.

To determine whether it is good or evil depends on the person. Articles have been written about the effects of technology on the human consciousness, productivity, and more. Most of them also leave you to decide for yourself.

Today, we want to look at the good and the evil. And yes, you will have to decide for yourself. Here are three of the many things to consider:

The Good

Medical Technology – Technology has helped improve the health and our chances of living long lives.

From creating cures to better surgical precision to monitoring equipment and helping people breathe when they can’t do so themselves, technology has made a huge impact on medicine and medical technology.

Without many of the technology advances, many more people would have died or lived unhealthy lives.

Communication – Not only are cell phones and other communication devices good for communicating with loved ones overseas, but it is also good in emergencies.

A person in trouble can phone for help and emergency units can be dispatched in no time thanks to communication devices. It helps us stay in touch when we are unable to do so physically.

Computers – The world needs computers because half the world (if not more) runs on computers. Computers and technology based on them automate things and help to make life more convenient.

It helps businesses function more efficient and also helps them to get valuable information and stats to improve their systems and processes.

The Evil

Medical Technology – The downside of medical technology is the research done on animals as well as the evolution of super-bugs. To test whether technology and medicines will work, researchers tend to test these on animals.

The repeated use of certain medications has also led to super-bugs. These bugs are immune to the existing medications and require more research to find new medications. You can see how this becomes a vicious cycle.

Communication – As humans, we tend to take things too far. It’s no different when it comes to technology. It is a great way to stay in touch and keep relationships alive, but it can also have the opposite effect.

When people get too involved in technology like the internet, video games, cell phones, online gambling, etc., they lose touch with people and reality.

This often causes people to have artificial or shallow relationships that only exist online.

Computers – Apart from the fears of robots taking over the world, computers can also be evil in the way that people use them.

The technology for computers has made our world a very different place in a good way. However, it has also made it easier for criminals, predators, bullies, and terrorists to perform their illegal or unsavory actions.

Yes, we leave you with an open answer. Technology is both good and evil and – no surprise – the evil side is mostly due to human activity and their wrongful or poor use of technology that is otherwise a great thing. So, you decide: Is technology good or evil?

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