During the summer you can expect a couple things; continuously running your AC, your laundry for beach wear and towels, as well as running up your electricity bill. If you plan properly you can attempt to minimize energy consumption and bring your electricity bill down. Here are nine solid ways to save on your energy bill this summer.

1. Raise Your Thermostat

Though this may feel counterintuitive, the premise here is to bring the indoor temperature to be the same as the outdoor. Consider setting your thermostat to 75 degrees. This way the difference between the inside and outside are minimal. Maybe consider setting the temperature a bit higher when you aren’t home as well.

2. Use Fans & Ductless ACs

If you have a ceiling fan, use it! If you don’t have one, then standing/portable fans are a great option and they are relatively cheap and last a long time. Consider buying a fan that’s energy efficient. Dyson offers a great line of energy efficient devices you may consider. Although like your lights, turn off your fan when you aren’t there.

If you use central AC you may be losing the cool air to other parts of your home.

3. Clean the Filter on Your HVAC

Dirty filters make HVAC systems work harder than they need to. Meaning your electricity bill goes up the dirtier the filter gets. Bills aside, dirty filters also can circulate allergens throughout your house. It’s recommended to clean the filter around every three-ish months. Depending on where you live, summer may only last three months so the start of Summer is a great time to clean it.

4. Use Your Microwave

If your microwave can cook your food safely, consider using it. It’s reported that using your oven can increase room temperature up to ten degrees. By using your microwave you avoid this increase in temperature and use less energy to cook your food, saving you money.

5. Black-Out Shades

Doctors use these to trick their brains into thinking it’s nighttime. In our case we are going to use them to absorb heat and prevent the sun from getting in your house. Draw your black out curtains when the sun hits certain portions of your house.

6. Hang Drying Clothes

My mom has hang dryed her clothes forever because it prevents shrinking. An advantage to doing so is you don’t have to run your dryer meaning you’ll save on electricity costs and a dryer is a heat generating unit. The amount of heat it gives off is minimal, but the power consumption is incredible.

7. LED Bulbs?

Regular incandescent bulbs turn nearly ninety percent of the energy they use into heat. LED bulbs operate at a lower watter and as a result produce less heat. LED bulbs also use less energy and last longer saving you money and reducing cooling costs.

8. Sealing Drafts and Cracks

If you’re into home repair, chances are you have some caulking lying around. Check your windows and doors for any cracks and seal them up.

9. Lower the Temperature on the Water Heater

Water heaters use about 20% of all the energy consumed in your home. Consider lowering the temperature to the warm setting in order to lower energy costs.

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