Sandboxie Review 2020

Sandbox programs are known to augment the protection and security solutions that antivirus programs provide. And if you’re looking for one that’s on the top list of all the sandbox services that’s available out there, Sandboxie is one that’s worth looking into.

It helps isolate programs, applications, and even websites from the Windows operating system that’s installed on a particular computer. This means that anything which is kept in it such as websites and other programs is kept safe against applications and even DLL threats that can infect the operating system installed especially as the computer is used every day.

Sandboxie is offered in a basic and as well as a paid version which both offers effective protection and lightweight but very efficient performance, one that doesn’t strain your computer’s system resource.

It is the best security option that you can use next to firewalls, malware, and antivirus solutions. Yes! It protects all your crucial stuff from the data loss and damage that can happen to the underlying Windows OS.

What It Does and How It Works

As was mentioned earlier, Sandboxie is an additional layer of protection which works by allowing users to install important programs and apps within it and not in the core Windows OS installed on a particular computer. It also allows running programs such as web browsers from within itself making it safe from outside threats.

Sandboxie’s paid version offers more advanced options when compared to the basic one. For instance, it allows multiple sandboxes, forced programs and many other features that can be very useful for multitasking while enjoying unparalleled protection.

Running Apps Within a Sandbox

While apps are running within Sandboxie, every file that’s being executed and generated are isolated from the core OS. These apps also don’t have access to your files which limits the possibilities of them corrupting the core operating system itself. In terms of user interface and even the ease-of-use of the functionalities of the software itself, Sandboxie is by far one of the simplest!

Quick and Easy Access to Sandboxed Tools

Aside from that, Sandboxie offers quick access to different features through designated program and app shortcuts such as the all-useful “sandboxed web browser” which when clicked initializes a browsing session within the sandbox program. You can do the normal browsing even from a sandboxed web browsing session and if you choose to download files, you’ll be allowed to do so with an option to either save it to your computer’s Desktop or My Documents location. You will also be prompted whether to save the files permanently or not.

Keeping Downloaded Files at Bay

If you want sure access to your downloaded files, you can do so by adding your preferred default downloads folder through the program’s quick recovery option. Doing so will save the files directly on your hard drive saving you from the hassle of re-downloading files later on.

Sandboxie is an extremely organized software that gives you full control over the files and processes generated in every browsing session that you do within it. By simply right-clicking on the Sandboxie icon, users can get access to different options that can help manage the stuff generated during a browsing session within the platform.


This restores the state of your machine to the condition that it was on before any sandbox operation has been initiated. Sandboxie’s goal is to enable users to run programs, apps, processes and even software within a highly protected environment making everything safe from data loss, damages, virus attacks, hacking and many other threats that can affect the main operating system. Sandboxie is capable of protecting a clean computer from any harm that can come from different sources by providing a place where unsafe programs, apps, software and even websites can run.

The Verdict

Sandboxie offers a host of benefits and advantages to every user. Using it provides an additional layer of protection against viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware and many other threats that are found online. It is capable of keeping these harmful files away from your core OS thereby reducing the chances of data loss caused by file corruptions. It also reduces the risk of your crucial information being stolen or passwords being breached and the worst, an entire OS being damaged.

Advanced Options, Compatibility, and Integrations

Moreover, Sandboxie gives users the ability to do advanced and even deeper configuration to increase the level of safety and security for the core OS itself. Recently, a new feature has been added to it which allows users to enable high-level of protection by only allowing sandboxed programs to run in a pre-selected user account. This is just another efficient way of counteracting keyloggers and other malicious programs that work by collecting passwords to be used in hacking.

It integrates well with different software programs and with every web browser that you know. If you’re using email clients then Sandboxie is also perfect for them. It works even with IM clients, Game Software, Cracked Apps and even your favorite Torrent clients. However, if it’s a system software that’s needed to run the Windows OS then it won’t work with it. Below is a list of Sandboxie’s Pros:

  • Extremely light on your computer’s system resource
  • Does not affect computer’s performance
  • Efficient, flexible and fully customizable
  • Provides option to recover files to be kept
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Strong and Secure
  • Compatible with the older versions of Windows and with most software

System Requirements

When it comes to system requirements, Sandboxie requires some drivers and as well as DLL files to work properly. Installing the software is a breeze but in case you encounter a “Vcruntime140.dll error” during installation or even upon running the program, you will simply need to search and download the DLL file being asked, save it on your machine then copy it to the program’s directory at “C:\Windows\System32”. After doing so, just run the program again (in case it has already been installed) or re-install it just to be sure that it launches correctly without any errors.


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