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Reasons Why the World Needs Computers

Does the world need computers? Most people will immediately answer YES without a second thought. This is why.

So many aspects of life in the 21st century is based, reliant on, or redundant without computers. Imagine for a moment a world without computers: You are woken up by the sun or a clock radio. You make breakfast and coffee with a pot on the stove or a normal, non-smart kettle. You maybe switch on the television for the morning show or news. You read the newspaper in its paper and ink form. You drive to work with a car that doesn’t think for itself or take a bus or taxi that works with paper tickets or actual money. At work, everything is paper-based and you have a desk full of files and pens.

Presentations are done on flip boards. If you are in the IT business or related fields, you don’t have a job. No such thing as emails – you get internal letters or phone calls to inform you of important information. No conference calls – you will have to drive or fly to meet that client. You again drive or take the bus or train home. No browsing the internet, no streaming movies, no live stock markets, etc. You watch television or read, maybe go for a walk or cook dinner on the stove. You can’t order take-out over the Internet, it doesn’t exist.

I bet for some of you that was an extremely difficult thing to imagine because computers have become such a big part of life. Life without computers may have been a bit simpler than it is today, but it brings so much good to our lives that we cannot imagine a world without it. Here are some reasons why we need computers:

Business – Businesses rely heavily on computers and related technology to build, operate, and be successful. Computers have made it possible for tasks that took weeks in the past, to be done within a day or even a few minutes.

Education and Research – Schools, universities and other educational institutions use computers to improve learning and increase access to information. Without the use of computers and the internet, many students may not be able to study and projects will take forever. Research is must faster and more efficient for both education and business purposes with computers.

Communication – Many people still remember when we had only landline telephones and you weren’t able to quickly text a friend. Back then it wasn’t a problem. Today, however, the advances in communication technology has made it possible to stay in contact with friends and family across the world. You can have emergency help in a matter of minutes or you can contact clients in faraway countries without flying there.

Medicine – A lot of hospital equipment work with computer technology. These help to diagnose and treat diseases and illnesses like never before. Many lives are saved thanks to computers and the technology that developed from it. Computer analysis programmes are crucial for medical research.

We haven’t even touched on government agencies, public transport, or entertainment reasons. Computers may have disadvantages in the sense that people tend to overdo things, but the advantages for general human life outweighs the negatives. The world has evolved and computers came with that. Today, life without computers seems impossible.

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