How Technology Boosts Productivity in Big Companies

When computers replaced typewriters in the 1980s, productivity in every part of the workplace and even in businesses has increased exponentially. And the avalanche in productivity had progressed even more when in the 1990s, fax machines were introduced.

Suddenly, businesses found a way of communicating over long distances. But everything did not stop there, as more and more inventions and newer technologies in communication was introduced such as teleconferencing, email, and now video calls, video conferences and chats, everyone is now capable of doing work and conducting business at a fast and a very consistent pace.

Nowadays, technology has taken an integral part in every business driving growth higher as it streamlines different processes. How does tech help boost productivity in big companies? How do innovations enhance businesses? Here are a few of the top trends in technology which brings about a host of positive changes in the way big companies and firms do work.

Internet’s Impact on Productivity

Do you know that the Internet is already more than 50 years old? That might sound like a tech joke but its true. Yes! It’s that old, and it started earlier than what you think it did. Though it only became widespread in the year 2000 onwards, Internet began way back during the Cold War. It was initially called ARPAnet and just like humans at the early stages of life; it was just slow and tiny back then.

But it proved very useful even in its early stages and it has successfully demonstrated that communication between computers was possible even through long distances. These connections then expanded as the Internet became widespread especially after it was opened for civilian use. Today, the Internet is now a huge web of computers, smartphones, tablets and even some smart devices like TVs. The Internet has enhanced productivity in many ways and here is a handful of them:

  • Through online outsourcing, the Internet gives big companies an access to a unique global workforce that’s available to do the job 24/7/365. This helps boost productivity many times over as work is accomplished any time of the day.
  • With the help of the Internet, businesses get access to valuable information in large quantities. Nowadays, businesses and big companies no longer need to spend much time and resources in lengthy research and studies just to collect information and insight that can help them grow.
  • Physical stores close at night time but with the help of technology and the Internet, big companies and businesses can now open their own online store which keeps their products and services open for purchase any time of the day on a constant basis. With this, businesses are also able to reach clients from around the world.
  • Remote work and telecommuting are also rising to popularity. They are part of the advantages that the Internet is giving to big companies. With these strategies, employee engagement is increased which then results inĀ better productivity. It also reduces the cost of operation.
  • With the help of tablets and smartphones, employees can now bring their jobs with them if they wish to do so. Meeting with key people and collaborating with them is also made possible over great distances as they can happen anywhere as long as Internet access is available.

Productivity Increased Through Cloud Computing

With the help of cloud computing, corporations and businesses gained access to an increased storage space while the cost of acquiring it was lowered. This storage space can even be increased anytime at their discretion. With this technology, the risks that were present in physical on-site storage like corrupted data due to different threats were taken to the minimum or even eradicated.

Just like the Internet, cloud computing makes collaboration even more possible. The technology centralizes information so that businesses, employees and even customers can quickly access them when needed without sacrificing security. Cloud computing allows everyone to work the smart way instead of wasting time working harder with fewer results.

Programs/Apps and Productivity

The mobile apps that we use today also had a fascinating start when you try to look into its history. Early ones like Symbian and Java has opened doors for the gaming, travel, fitness and even the productivity apps that we know today.

We now see apps for contact management and calendar apps where you can manage your schedule. Bigger apps that help increase productivity such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many others provide seamless ways to communicate with desktops.

With the help of the cloud, collaborating and working from anywhere is also made possible. Today, you can create a file using any of these productivity apps, save it in the cloud and your coworker from the other side of the world can access, edit and finalize it while both of you are on the go. There’s also what’s called transcription apps that increase creativity and time tracking apps to monitor and ensure productivity levels of employees no matter where they are working from.

Is Technology Becoming Too Much Nowadays?

Some experts argue that technology is becoming a hindrance to productivity rather than increasing it. For instance, when workers drown in emails and other messages coming from different systems and platforms, they end up launching too many programs and apps as they attempt to accomplish everything. As a result, too much time is wasted from searching essential data alone.

However, as long as you are using the right technology for the right set of tasks and at the right time then you can be sure that you are using it to your advantage. Take time to streamline every integration and remove duplicate tasks as you develop a system in doing certain processes at work.

This helps eliminate distractions and brings focus to the more valuable tasks. Productivity portals like the very popular “Sapho” allows businesses to integrate cloud with an existing on-site data storage and solution, essential applications, and even legacy software that can help give employees access to an arsenal of tools that can help them accomplish the job.

With this, work can be performed on a larger scale with workflows that can initiate on a single click. Big businesses who take time to establish such systems can be sure that their employees are continually working with focus and are productive at all times.

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