Essential Software Applications for Your New Business

Running a business is a very complex and time-consuming thing if you are not properly equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. There are very few businesses that operate without some form of computer and technology use. Small businesses and large corporations all depend on computers for certain functions whether it is marketing, invoicing, database, or programming. To ensure that your business runs smoothly, there are certain types of software that you must invest in.

Our list is by no means comprehensive, but these are a few of the software applications and web tools you should definitely get for your business. You can find specific programs or software suggestions all over the internet.

  1. CRM – Customer relationship management is important for any type of business no matter the size. It is always helpful to have a system that helps to manage your relationship with customers, the sales process, the completion of tasks, etc.
  2. Office Suite – Word processing, tables and presentations are part of most businesses. Your business most likely will need an office suite like Microsoft Office to operate properly. If you are starting out and don’t want to pay money for this, there are free options available online.
  3. E-mail – E-mail is part of everyday functions in any modern business. There is probably not a single day that you don’t send or receive emails. There are many email providers available from Outlook to Gmail to Yahoo!. Most of these are free and they also have built-in calendars and other functions to help with streamlining communication and planning.
  4. Accounting Software – Billing, invoicing, receiving payments, balancing, credit control – these are all things that are central to the success and efficiency of the business. It also links to good customer service and is, therefore, something you want to do right. With accounting software that does a lot of the heavy-duty stuff for you, you are sure to have a smooth accounting department.
  5. Database – Different businesses have different types of databases, but most have one. A database can be for existing clients, staff, suppliers, etc. Database software makes it a lot easier to keep track of everything and have information on specific clients, employees, or suppliers in easily accessible.
  6. Communication – No business can run properly without good communication. Your business should look into software systems that allow inter-company communication like instant messaging. You can also look into setting up hotlines, WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, etc. in order to make communication with clients easier.
  7. Backup and Recovery – This is an especially important software if your business uses computers. It is important to have backups of all important files, documents, designs, and database information. You can find great programs that do these backup functions while you sleep.
  8. Project Management – If you have different teams operating at the same time and you need to keep track, you need a project management Web tool like Basecamp. It tracks all activity and progress and can even handle billing and individual performance data.

Depending on the nature and size of your business, you will need some or all of these software and web tools. The best way to know which ones you need is to clearly set out your daily activities and processes and choose software that will streamline them.



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