Technology as Business Foundation 350x280 - 3 Top Reasons That Make Technology an All Important Foundation for Businesses

3 Top Reasons That Make Technology an All Important Foundation for Businesses

IT plays a crucial role in today’s modern world. The need for speedy, efficient, and user-friendly processes that would make things work smoothly is ever present, and thankfully, technology is here to help. If we look back to the last 2 decades, it would be easy to say that the technology which we have today is far more superior.

It has advanced rapidly to the point that it now has an enormous impact on everyone’s lives. From individuals to small businesses, companies, and corporations, technology’s usefulness is something that’s hard to ignore. It has brought significant changes to the way we shop, work, communicate and do some other day to day tasks.

Without IT, it would be impossible for businesses to remain competitive and eventually thrive. It has now become an essential foundation of every business and here are 3 reasons why this is so.

1. IT Makes Communication Easier to Establish and Maintain

Communication is a necessary component of every business. Instant and efficient communication spells a big difference in achieving its success and IT is what makes all these possible. From managing emails to establishing conference calls or finding screen sharing and remote computer access programs to help make your team of workers collaborate effectively on projects, IT is the backbone of all these!

Communication 1024x657 - 3 Top Reasons That Make Technology an All Important Foundation for Businesses

And on the customer’s side, the strong presence of channels for communicating with a particular business is also essential. It all starts with the customer browsing through the products/services that you offer then eventually ending up purchasing the product. In case issues happen, they would appreciate the presence of a method of communicating with your business either through chat, email or other convenient ways.

These are communication techniques that will set your business above its competitors so you should provide it as much as possible. Keeping a close eye on how customers interact with your business is also crucial as it helps you think and create new ways to communicate with them in the most meaningful way. Keeping your stakeholders updated is also essential. Imagine how impossible these things would be without IT. But this is just the first reason, there are 2 more to go and here’s the second one.

2. IT Helps Build an Efficient Business

Understanding the importance of a streamlined business operation is crucial to ensuring growth. Every part of a business that’s crucial in making it work needs to be as efficient as possible. This would help bring operating costs to the minimum while taking your return on investment (ROI) to the maximum.

Achieving these business goals are now made easier and faster than ever. Whether it’s bringing expenditures down or increasing your ROI, you will need to create or improve the product or service that your business is offering to reach those goals. These are essential areas of business that managers have been trying to work and improve on since the very first business came into existence.

Efficient Business 1024x659 - 3 Top Reasons That Make Technology an All Important Foundation for Businesses

All these are made possible with the help of IT. With the business technologies and automated algorithms that it offers, the routine tasks and crucial data that your business needs can now be collected and you can be assured that everything is error-free and of good quality. Aside from that, IT also makes cloud storage possible where you can store all information that’s relevant to your business.

Most businesses can now scale-up quickly by leaving crucial processes in technology’s hands. This means that things are accomplished more quickly with the use of computers, and since its machines that you’re dealing with, costly mistakes are taken out of the picture all the time. All these are made possible by IT.

Yes! It is so efficient in handling work while making sure that your resources are managed well. It is vital to ensure that your business is continually adopting some ways to save in production and operation costs and with the help of IT, you can do all these in every aspect where technology can be applied. For instance, you can employ specific IT infrastructures to clear redundant tasks, or you may also move some expensive elements of the business online to save even more. These are just a few of the things that IT can do to help you maximize your ROI.

In business, making more money always feels great but saving money is crucial. At present, many companies move from the traditional phone support to email and live chat support as it helps them save money. In other instances, companies also allow their most talented employees to work from home, and some even offer telecommuting options. IT makes it possible for employees to work for a particular company without relocating to the place where the business is actually located.

Aside from making telecommuting possible for employees, IT also allows businesses to do outsourcing making it possible to tap with and receive professional service and assistance of experts and talents no matter where they are located.

3. It Boosts Competitive Advantage

Nowadays, every company uses some form of IT. More and more businesses are welcoming IT into their firms taking advantage of the efficiency that it can offer in every aspect where it is applied to. Because of that, it no longer matters if you are using some kind of IT in your business, what truly matters is that you’re using the right type of equipment and how well you’re using them for your advantage. These and not anything else will help give your business a competitive edge among the rest.

Some companies use IT to improve customer experience and boost relationship with clients while others use technology to create unique products and services. Businesses also use IT to reduce production and operating costs to increase profit. In other instances, companies have found subtle ways to bundle their products with IT to retain customers. Once a client chooses their product, it is hard for them to move to another platform or a different product.

That’s how essential IT is for businesses, but these are just 3 of the top reasons. Clearly, IT is playing a significant role in the modern world in which we live in. It serves as the backbone of most businesses and its only improving by the day. This is the very reason why you should give it close attention and even consider applying it to your business.

Technology Boosts Productivity 350x280 - How Technology Boosts Productivity in Big Companies

How Technology Boosts Productivity in Big Companies

When computers replaced typewriters in the 1980s, productivity in every part of the workplace and even in businesses has increased exponentially. And the avalanche in productivity had progressed even more when in the 1990s, fax machines were introduced.

Suddenly, businesses found a way of communicating over long distances. But everything did not stop there, as more and more inventions and newer technologies in communication was introduced such as teleconferencing, email, and now video calls, video conferences and chats, everyone is now capable of doing work and conducting business at a fast and a very consistent pace.

Nowadays, technology has taken an integral part in every business driving growth higher as it streamlines different processes. How does tech help boost productivity in big companies? How do innovations enhance businesses? Here are a few of the top trends in technology which brings about a host of positive changes in the way big companies and firms do work.

Internet’s Impact on Productivity

Do you know that the Internet is already more than 50 years old? That might sound like a tech joke but its true. Yes! It’s that old, and it started earlier than what you think it did. Though it only became widespread in the year 2000 onwards, Internet began way back during the Cold War. It was initially called ARPAnet and just like humans at the early stages of life; it was just slow and tiny back then.

Productivity in Employees 1024x559 - How Technology Boosts Productivity in Big Companies

But it proved very useful even in its early stages and it has successfully demonstrated that communication between computers was possible even through long distances. These connections then expanded as the Internet became widespread especially after it was opened for civilian use. Today, the Internet is now a huge web of computers, smartphones, tablets and even some smart devices like TVs. The Internet has enhanced productivity in many ways and here is a handful of them:

  • Through online outsourcing, the Internet gives big companies an access to a unique global workforce that’s available to do the job 24/7/365. This helps boost productivity many times over as work is accomplished any time of the day.
  • With the help of the Internet, businesses get access to valuable information in large quantities. Nowadays, businesses and big companies no longer need to spend much time and resources in lengthy research and studies just to collect information and insight that can help them grow.
  • Physical stores close at night time but with the help of technology and the Internet, big companies and businesses can now open their own online store which keeps their products and services open for purchase any time of the day on a constant basis. With this, businesses are also able to reach clients from around the world.
  • Remote work and telecommuting are also rising to popularity. They are part of the advantages that the Internet is giving to big companies. With these strategies, employee engagement is increased which then results in better productivity. It also reduces the cost of operation.
  • With the help of tablets and smartphones, employees can now bring their jobs with them if they wish to do so. Meeting with key people and collaborating with them is also made possible over great distances as they can happen anywhere as long as Internet access is available.

Productivity Increased Through Cloud Computing

With the help of cloud computing, corporations and businesses gained access to an increased storage space while the cost of acquiring it was lowered. This storage space can even be increased anytime at their discretion. With this technology, the risks that were present in physical on-site storage like corrupted data due to different threats were taken to the minimum or even eradicated.

Productivity Apps 1024x683 - How Technology Boosts Productivity in Big Companies

Just like the Internet, cloud computing makes collaboration even more possible. The technology centralizes information so that businesses, employees and even customers can quickly access them when needed without sacrificing security. Cloud computing allows everyone to work the smart way instead of wasting time working harder with fewer results.

Programs/Apps and Productivity

The mobile apps that we use today also had a fascinating start when you try to look into its history. Early ones like Symbian and Java has opened doors for the gaming, travel, fitness and even the productivity apps that we know today.

We now see apps for contact management and calendar apps where you can manage your schedule. Bigger apps that help increase productivity such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many others provide seamless ways to communicate with desktops.

With the help of the cloud, collaborating and working from anywhere is also made possible. Today, you can create a file using any of these productivity apps, save it in the cloud and your coworker from the other side of the world can access, edit and finalize it while both of you are on the go. There’s also what’s called transcription apps that increase creativity and time tracking apps to monitor and ensure productivity levels of employees no matter where they are working from.

Is Technology Becoming Too Much Nowadays?

Some experts argue that technology is becoming a hindrance to productivity rather than increasing it. For instance, when workers drown in emails and other messages coming from different systems and platforms, they end up launching too many programs and apps as they attempt to accomplish everything. As a result, too much time is wasted from searching essential data alone.

However, as long as you are using the right technology for the right set of tasks and at the right time then you can be sure that you are using it to your advantage. Take time to streamline every integration and remove duplicate tasks as you develop a system in doing certain processes at work.

This helps eliminate distractions and brings focus to the more valuable tasks. Productivity portals like the very popular “Sapho” allows businesses to integrate cloud with an existing on-site data storage and solution, essential applications, and even legacy software that can help give employees access to an arsenal of tools that can help them accomplish the job.

With this, work can be performed on a larger scale with workflows that can initiate on a single click. Big businesses who take time to establish such systems can be sure that their employees are continually working with focus and are productive at all times.

Programming 350x280 - 4 Ways to Increase Your Worth as a Programmer

4 Ways to Increase Your Worth as a Programmer

Programming is a profession that has the potential for a lucrative salary. Programmers nowadays are in-demand. Yes! They are being sought after by big companies and corporations largely because of the skills that they possess which can help businesses grow.

But in order to land a programming job that pays a very competitive compensation, you need to find ways and means to increase your worth as a programmer. This means that you need to improve in terms of your knowledge and skills and find the areas in programming that can really help you grow and achieve your highest potential.

By doing this, you become more and more valuable for companies and you’re making yourself more marketable. In the end, you will find yourself being sought after by different firms while you earn all the right to demand a higher salary. There are many ways of increasing your worth as a programming expert and here, we’re going to share 4 of them.

1. Build a Name and Make It Grow

The knowledge and skills that you have are indeed crucial but if you really want to demand a higher price and be recognized as one of the best then you need to start building up a good name. It might sound hard but it isn’t. You can start by building your own name through well-executed projects then once you have enough, you can start to create a brand and sell yourself that way. Using your skills well in every project is a good way to increase your worth. Every project stacks up and becomes an ever-visible evidence of how good you are in your field of expertise.

2. Find a Good Niche

Programming is a field that has a very large scope. You can’t be an expert in every one of them so you will need to find your niche and strive to become an expert in it. This will help boost your worth significantly. It is important that you find the niche that captures your interest or one that you’re already good at. Once you’ve identified such area, that’s the time you need to work on improving your skills or even master everything in it. That’s how you effectively increase your worth in programming. Find the niche which can offer you the best opportunities for growth and focus yourself in mastering every skill that has to be learned in it.

3. Deliver Value in Every Project

As a programmer, the tasks that you’ll be taking will be varied in scope with tasks across different aspects of the client’s business or firm but if you are to grow your worth, you need to focus on projects that deliver value. Yes! It is important to ensure that every project you take delivers value to the customers because the more it does, the more your worth increases. Customers tend to remember you through the value of the service you provided and in case they need more help, they’ll surely remember you to the point of even recommending your service to other customers who might be needing the service that you provide.

4. Continually Adapt to the Latest Trends

Technology changes rapidly and if you want to maintain your worth as a programmer, you’ll need to be able to adapt to these changes on a regular basis. You should be able to keep up with the advancements and the latest trends. Be knowledgeable and stay up to date with the latest programming and technology needs in the market and make yourself available and ready to provide them.

For instance, the latest trend at present is on cryptocurrencies but there are very little apps and programs right now that works with it. As a programmer seeking to increase worth, you can start learning about it and develop apps and programs that can provide an enhanced experience on the use of cryptocurrency for different transactions.

Increase Your Worth and Reap the Reward

As you can see, becoming a recognized programming expert doesn’t have to be hard. It only requires one to put in some work and have a clear vision of the path towards the goal. Follow the tips above and you will surely be on your way towards increasing your worth as a programmer and before you know it, you’ll already be reaping the reward for all your hard work.

Secure Online Shopping 350x280 - 3 Helpful Tips for a Safe and Secure Online Shopping

3 Helpful Tips for a Safe and Secure Online Shopping

E-commerce has changed the way we shop. Today as of writing this article, big online shopping sites like Ebay and Amazon is continually growing and acquiring more and more customers by the day. It is expected that by 2019, retailers based in Europe, UK and the US will double or even triple in size taking in over a trillion dollars in sales.

E-commerce is a booming business, and if you’re thinking of taking it to the Internet to place your very first online order, there are certain things that you need to be mindful about especially those which involve the safety of your personal information. Hackers are becoming smarter than ever. They have succeeded in hacking a host of company websites in the past and will surely try to do the same with e-commerce sites.

So how can you keep your crucial information from being stolen by these cyber-criminals? Paying online can put your personal information on danger, but thankfully, there are some things that you can do to prevent this and make every online transaction a lot more secure.

It is true that online thieves and hi-tech criminals have varied ways of capturing your personal information and one way to prevent this from happening is to keep an eye at your credit report. This helps ensure that nothing out of the ordinary is happening in your bank transactions, but again, it’s still isn’t enough.

So here are 3 more simple tips that you can do to make sure that every online transaction you do is secure all the time!

1. Shop Only at Verified and Reputable E-commerce Sites Using a Payment Service

E-commerce giants like Apple, Amazon, and Ebay implement a series of stringent security protocols ensuring each transaction is secure 100% all the time. Be wary of those niche sites (sites that focus on specialty products or one particular interest) that don’t have a good market reputation or worst, no market reputation at all.

Most online criminals set up a fake website for the sole purpose of collecting card information from unsuspecting customers. You can avoid such tricks by shopping only from sites that already have an excellent online reputation.

The sites that offer a particular form of guarantee for every transaction placed in their shop. Furthermore, you can make your online shopping transaction even more secured by setting up an account on a payment service like Paypal and using that account to pay.

By doing this, you will no longer need to enter your credit card details into the site. You need to go through the initial steps then checkout with Paypal to complete the transaction. Payment services such as Paypal, Google Checkout and others can reimburse fraudulent transactions in your account as long as you report about it within 60 days from the time it occurred.

2. Use Credit Card Instead of a Debit Card

Your bank does not ensure the personal funds that you have in your debit card account, but they insure their own money which you use when you pay via your credit card. Yes! Your credit card transactions are protected against fraud, so it is better to use a credit card for your online purchases since the money that went into a fraudulent transaction using a debit card is hard to recover.

Purchasing online isn’t the same as swiping your card when you buy something from a physical retailer. The POS devices in physical stores are capable of verifying your information on site. It is the same concept that works with ATMs where the RFID chip in your card is read and verified once you enter the right PIN. RFID technology is secure, and it can be found in modern sales applications or even in passport verification.

Secure information verification like the ones mentioned above is not found in online transactions. There is no way to prove someone’s identity other than entering personal information which can be stolen easily using varied techniques.

By using your credit card, you are using the protection employed by your issuing bank and make your online purchase more secure. In case a fraudulent transaction happens, your bank will investigate it and reimburse you the amount once the claim investigation is over.

3. Secure Sites Should Have “https”

Https is a technology that encrypts information. It was invented by Netscape to protect privacy and personal information of users upon checkout. Upon reaching the final step where you will pay for the item you want to order, always make sure that you are doing so in a site that has “https” on the URL.

When logging in, you must see the URL changing to “https” with a green padlock symbol on the left side of the browser bar right before the URL of the site. In other cases, you will see a green padlock icon on the left-hand side of the browser bar with the organization name on your browser. Seeing this means that you are currently on a secured website.

It also means that an additional layer of protection is active using EV SSL certificate. It is a type of encryption technology that makes every transaction even more secure by encryption every data that’s being transmitted from the browser to the server and vice-versa.

Some Final Words

As you can see, there can be many ways for online criminals to try and steal your personal information while you’re shopping online but there are also plenty of ways to counteract such evil plans. Follow the steps I’ve given in detail above, and you’re sure to have a safer, more secure online shopping experience!


AC 350x280 - Saving Money on Energy in 2018: New Tech?

Saving Money on Energy in 2018: New Tech?

During the summer you can expect a couple things; continuously running your AC, your laundry for beach wear and towels, as well as running up your electricity bill. If you plan properly you can attempt to minimize energy consumption and bring your electricity bill down. Here are nine solid ways to save on your energy bill this summer.

1. Raise Your Thermostat

thermostat 1024x680 - Saving Money on Energy in 2018: New Tech?

Though this may feel counterintuitive, the premise here is to bring the indoor temperature to be the same as the outdoor. Consider setting your thermostat to 75 degrees. This way the difference between the inside and outside are minimal. Maybe consider setting the temperature a bit higher when you aren’t home as well.

2. Use Fans & Ductless ACs

If you have a ceiling fan, use it! If you don’t have one, then standing/portable fans are a great option and they are relatively cheap and last a long time. Consider buying a fan that’s energy efficient. Dyson offers a great line of energy efficient devices you may consider. Although like your lights, turn off your fan when you aren’t there.

If you use central AC you may be losing the cool air to other parts of your home. Consider using a ductless air conditioning system like these on Homefaith in order to cut down costs or potential install fees of central AC.

3. Clean the Filter on Your HVAC

Dirty filters make HVAC systems work harder than they need to. Meaning your electricity bill goes up the dirtier the filter gets. Bills aside, dirty filters also can circulate allergens throughout your house. It’s recommended to clean the filter around every three-ish months. Depending on where you live, summer may only last three months so the start of Summer is a great time to clean it.

4. Use Your Microwave

If your microwave can cook your food safely, consider using it. It’s reported that using your oven can increase room temperature up to ten degrees. By using your microwave you avoid this increase in temperature and use less energy to cook your food, saving you money.

5. Black-Out Shades

blackout shade - Saving Money on Energy in 2018: New Tech?

Doctors use these to trick their brains into thinking it’s nighttime. In our case we are going to use them to absorb heat and prevent the sun from getting in your house. Draw your black out curtains when the sun hits certain portions of your house.

6. Hang Drying Clothes

My mom has hang dryed her clothes forever because it prevents shrinking. An advantage to doing so is you don’t have to run your dryer meaning you’ll save on electricity costs and a dryer is a heat generating unit. The amount of heat it gives off is minimal, but the power consumption is incredible.

7. LED Bulbs?

Regular incandescent bulbs turn nearly ninety percent of the energy they use into heat. LED bulbs operate at a lower watter and as a result produce less heat. LED bulbs also use less energy and last longer saving you money and reducing cooling costs.

8. Sealing Drafts and Cracks

If you’re into home repair, chances are you have some caulking lying around. Check your windows and doors for any cracks and seal them up.

9. Lower the Temperature on the Water Heater

water heater - Saving Money on Energy in 2018: New Tech?

Water heaters use about 20% of all the energy consumed in your home. Consider lowering the temperature to the warm setting in order to lower energy costs.

AI and Machine Learning Trends 350x280 - 5 Future AI and Machine Learning Trends for Businesses

5 Future AI and Machine Learning Trends for Businesses

AI and machine learning have been on the rise in the past few years. Nowadays, computers and even smartphones equipped with AI processors are capable of doing more advanced tasks. Yes! They don’t just take instructions from the user and perform it following set and pre-defined rules. Gadgets can now be programmed to learn user behavior and make decisions based on that!

Trends in AI and machine learning are being watched these days closely. Some industries are now being shaped through the predictions that are based on machine learning technologies.

Because of the machine’s ability to handle large amounts of data without the need of outside instructions, we are now on the verge of a looming technological revolution- something that is greater than what we’ve already seen.

Here are 5 future trends in AI and machine learning you need to watch out for:

1. Better Data Quality

With the increasing content that every individual has free access to on the Internet and the rise in data required for each company, storage, and transmission of valuable data is becoming even more complicated. But with the help of Machine Learning, information is expected to be better in quality which will then result in improved user experience.

For instance, in the case or self-driving cars, manufacturers need to create and compile large quantities of data to make the car run on autopilot. With the help of machine learning, high-quality data can be made available thereby making the self-driving capabilities of the car better in terms of making decisions by itself.

2. Quantum Computer Abilities

Machine learning is far more superior than other technologies in computing because it can control and even organize large amounts of vectors in multiple high-dimensional spaces. At present, it requires large sums of money and time to deal with problems in business processes especially by big companies, but once quantum computers become fully operational after it’s able to work with vectors on higher dimensions, these problems are going to be solved quickly and easily.

Soon, these high-tech computers will be able to handle processing of large amounts of vectors and dimensions compared to old algorithms.

3. Cloud Intelligence

Big businesses and corporations take advantage of specific sets of algorithms to help them analyze their business. This effort isn’t cost-efficient since it provides no guarantees that the company is going to have an increase in profit.

Today, companies strive to collect data about their customers, hire specialists to process them and conduct training to help deal with the continually changing information. They spend large amounts of money doing these processes.

As more and more data is being collected, the need for cloud technology becomes more evident. Soon, the need to perform different processes to deal with the infrastructure will be eliminated as cloud systems start to adapt to newer models that can adjust operations and provide even better results.

With the increase in open-source technology being applied to machines, newer learning infrastructures are now appearing which can help management and storage of data a lot easier to handle.

4. The Rise of Robotics

With machine learning, robot manufacturers will be able to work on better algorithms and perfect them to make robots even more useful and efficient. As this trend unfolds, more and more robots can be used by different industries which will then result in faster manufacturing. And when this happens, costs will be lower which translates to a boost in profit.

5. Better Customer Experience

Client search and improving customer experience take much of a company’s budget. Even with the help of the popular chatbots, reaching the right audience is still complicated and also costly most of the time. Today’s algorithms are not that sufficient in working with consistent results.

But with the help of machine learning, personalizing customer experience can become easier, and methods of interacting with them can also be faster. Searching for clients will also require lesser time but yield better results every time. Machine learning can also aid in the collection of highly essential data that can be used for more targeted and highly efficient advertising campaigns.

The Future is at Hand

AI is already here, and Machine Learning is now being worked on. These 2 technologies can offer a large number of possibilities for everyone and not just the big companies out there. The 5 future trends we’ve listed above are only a few of the host of other possibilities that can unfold once this next generation computing tech becomes fully functional. It’s something that we feel excited about, and we hope you do too!

Good Tech Review 350x280 - 5 Important Points You Should Find in a Good Tech Review

5 Important Points You Should Find in a Good Tech Review

In the past century, our world has transitioned from a simple one that depended on simple machines to a more advanced one filled with a host of modern hi-tech inventions that make work and even life more comfortable to live. The devices and gadgets that we have today have brought a lot of changes in the way we accomplish daily tasks.

From the laptop that you use in the office to the smartphone that you carry along and even down to your car’s keyless entry system, to the smart TV at home that you enjoy and all the kitchen appliances that help make work in the kitchen become a breeze, these amazing products have brought the world into a great technological revolution.

Now, that’s just a few of the thousands of modern technology devices that we have in the market at present but with all the brands selling the same kind of gadget, how do you choose the right one?

For this, most people seek the help of tech reviews in arriving at a wise and reasonable decision. But again, with all the tech review sites out there that claim to do the same thing, how do you know which one indeed provides the latest and most relevant information?

Here are 5 important points you should find in a good tech review:

1. Detailed Product Features

A good tech review should list down the features that the product itself has. It should give a summary of the things that the product is capable of. The one reviewing the product should make the whole piece interesting to read by explaining how the product works in making life more comfortable for you and how it can help solve particular problems you’ve been struggling with on a daily basis. It should dedicate space explaining the features that make it unique from the rest. A good tech review should contain factual, logical and precise information regarding the product that’s being reviewed.

2. A Clear Target Market

A good product is going to be useless if it goes into the hands of the wrong people. A good tech review should be definitive about its target market- the people who will find the product itself most useful in their lives. The reviewer must clearly understand who these people are and explain the benefits the product itself would give to them.

For instance, if you love hiking and you’re looking for a way to extend battery life on your gadgets using a power bank while exploring the great outdoors, the reviewer should be able to “express to impress”. He needs to show how light the gadget is and explain the large power capacity it has enough for charging your devices multiple times. Moreover, he must also impress by explaining its compact size, sleek design, and portability good for your outdoor hobby.

3. A Good Comparison of the Advantages & Disadvantages

Every tech device or gadget that you’ll find in the market at present have their own set of pros and cons. No matter how hard inventors and tech manufacturers try to make their products perfect, there will always be a negative side to it especially when compared to other brands. A good technology review should give both the advantages and disadvantages of the product it is reviewing. It must put every detail of the good and bad in a balanced way to win the reader’s trust. Never fall for product reviews that are one-sided and are just trying to sell the product itself!

4. Practical Information

Reviewing a product should not only be focused on describing the physical features that it has, but it should also give other useful information such as where you can purchase the device itself, how much is it cost and even warranty information. It should also be clear on delivery details and even the service center just in case the product fails at a future time. This practical information can help you decide if the product is worth your money or not.

5. Reviewers Final Opinion and Verdict

Lastly, a good tech review must give the reviewer’s final say on the product itself. After weighing all the pros and cons and describing all the unique features that the product has, the last thing a review must do is give the final recommendation. And aside from that, it must also compare the product with its competitors. The reviewer should provide honest opinions and express in detail his overall experience without bias. A good tech review should warn and protect you from purchasing a product that gives no value at all instead of selling it to you for profit or affiliate commissions.

Find These 5 and It’s a Tech Review Worth Trusting

There’s plenty of review sites out there all promising to help you decide which gadget to buy but remember that not all of them is worth your time and trust. Try to find these 5 essential points every time and base your decision not just on impulse but with your needs as well.

post2 350x280 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?

Is Technology Good for the Environment?

Technology and the environment are viewed by many as enemies or opposites that don’t go together. However, this view may be faulty. Technology has its pros and cons, but in many ways, it is helping us protect the environment that people believe it is killing. There are many ways in which technology is both good and bad. Let’s have a closer look at why technology is good for the environment.

1. Renewable Energy Solutions

1 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
Everyone knows that we are using up the natural resources in the world at a rate that is very dangerous. Scientists and technology companies have been working for decades to invent solutions for our energy source use. Technology has brought us solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear options, and more. These sources will help us reduce and possibly start repairing the damage that we caused over the last several centuries.

2. Environmental Monitoring

2 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
Yes, we as humans are responsible for the troubled environment. Our practices have caused damage that may or may not be repaired. Technology can help us to do this. By monitoring the pollution levels around factories and mines and the pH level of the ocean, we can start making changes and prevent further large-scale problems. Drones are also being used for monitoring of wild animals and to help protect rhinos from poaching. Farmers use them to monitor their crops and pick up on potential problems. In terms of monitoring, technology is making it a lot easier to pick up problems or potential problems and do something about it before it becomes a disaster.

3. Smart Homes

3 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
Homes are one of the places that we use a lot of energy, especially to cool or heat the home. Smart homes with sensors and technologies that monitor air quality, temperature, etc. and adjusts accordingly, are helping people reduce their carbon footprint. New advancements in building materials and methods are also contributing to reducing energy use and costs in homes and offices. Eco-friendly light bulbs and appliances are also helping to reduce energy use.

4. Reduced Deforestation

4 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
We live in a digital age where everything is available on the internet or computers. Businesses are using much less paper for communication and files because everything is done through email or digital documents. People are using less paper which means fewer trees are being cut down which leads to reduced deforestation. Other industries may be influenced negatively by the digital age, but it is helping to protect our trees.

There will always be controversial answers regarding whether technology is good for the environment or not. The bottom line is that we have caused damage to the environment and our only hope to repair some of it and start living better, is through the help of technology. The damage is too much to handle without technology. In this way, the two go together and help each other. Yes, technology also has its negatives like pollution and social effects, but when it comes to the bigger picture of changing our ways, we need technology.



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Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming more used than normal desktop computers or laptops. The main reason for this is likely the convenience that comes with mobile devices – you can use them anywhere.

With the increase in popularity comes the need for new and better apps and software than before. App development companies are creating amazing apps and today we look at some of the top companies as well as some of the top apps.

Top Mobile App Development Companies

There are hundreds of app development companies in the world and we take a look at just some of these.

11 300x62 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
LeewayHertz from the USA
This company is based in San Francisco and has been developing mobile apps for 10 years. They pride themselves on being innovative and on the ball. They develop apps for several famous brands and businesses.

12 300x81 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
Waracle from the UK
Waracle is based in Scotland and has some of the best developers in the world working for them. They develop apps for NHS Scotland, Ryder Cup, and many more clients. They are quite unique in the sense that they develop apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Development.

13 300x55 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
ScienceSoft from Europe
This company started with software development decades ago and has recently decided to include mobile app development as one of their main development areas. They have worked with some big names like IBM, BBC, and eBay.

14 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
Octal Info Solution from India
Octal is an outsourcing company that has worked with companies of all sizes across the world. They are known for their attention to detail and for catering for each business’s specific needs.

Top Mobile Apps

New mobile apps become available almost daily, so this list will soon need to be updated. However, at present, these are some of the best mobile apps available in 2017.
15 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
Blue Mail – This is an all-in-one app to organise emails from almost every provider you can think of. It has great functions like color-coding and widgets.
16 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
Google Maps – This is obviously not a new app, but it still remains one of the best apps around. It is basically the only navigation app that is used across the world and it is updated regularly to keep ahead.
17 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
LastPass Password Manager – This app allows you to save your passwords and other login details in a safe place. You can even use it to generate strong passwords and it is compatible with many different devices.
18 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
Pocket Casts – This is the best app for podcast lovers. You can download or stream any podcasts through this app. It is video and audio friendly so you can really listen and watch almost any podcast you want.
19 - Top Mobile Apps and App Development Companies
SwiftKey – This is a keyboard app that can be customized to your preferences. It is for free and you can make it work for you.

Mobile devices and mobile apps are not going away anytime soon. Instead, we expect these types of companies and apps to continue growing, improving, and probably eventually take over the digital world.

Try them out and send us your feedback. You can find more on mobile apps and software on the USEFUL RESOURCES page.