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7 Modern Technologies That is Shaping the Social Media of the Future

We’ve seen the Intenet evolve so much in the past decade and it continues to do so without stopping. We are living in the digital age and we’re living the in the middle of amazing technologies that people in the past only dreamed of.

Social media, for instance, has changed the way we entertain ourselves and it continues to develop itself to the point of becoming more useful to other industries like work and business.

And because it’s expanding its scope, social media’s use would eventually become inevitable in every aspect of human life. From personal entertainment to professional work, social media is just going to get better by the day.

As new improvements are being implemented on a regular basis, it becomes clear that we’re headed to even more progress as we enter through the next chapters of the digital age.

But social media won’t evolve just by itself, it needs help from technology and here are 7 of the latest tech trends that are shaping social media’s future in the hopes of making life easier through improved entertainment, work, and business.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Nowadays, proving your identity is made even more sophisticated by using a technology called RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. RFID tags are now embedded in passports, IDE cards, and other documents that are used to prove your identification. Proving your identity is as easy as scanning these RFID tagged documents.

Transponders like these are now being used but soon, they’ll be embedded not just in your IDs but also in other devices. Since they are micro-sized and costs less to produce, experts are now eyeing the possibility of having them embedded in the stuff that we purchase such as clothing and even in food packaging.

You may ask, why would businesses do that in the first place when the current ways of doing things work great. The answer is simple- they’re going to do it in the name of profit and improved customer targetting.

By putting RFID tags on things that their customers are purchasing, they’ll be able to gather data on consumption of different products and brands from around the world. The data is then used to develop strategies on how to improve products and services and the RFID tag method makes the job of collecting such data a lot easier.

Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric face recognition is yet another one of the latest technology that is shaping social media as we speak. Soon, users will be able to scan the tag of a local shop or bar and instantly view the social media profiles of the people who are currently in the establishment.

The technology uses an advanced type of face recognition which is capable of attaching metadata to the right people then reveal the social media profile of each one in an instant. In some areas, this technology is already being used by law enforcement entities to track and capture criminals.

As technology and gadgets go through even more advancements, this feature will eventually find its way to smartphones for ordinary users to use. This will then open a lot of possibilities and will make knowing people a lot quicker. But again, the concern about privacy and other forms of abuse related to this sensitive issue may also rise.

Mind Reading Capabilities

This is probably the best feature that will make its way to social media. Yes! there already exists a technology that can help people control their smartphones and other devices using their minds. It is currently being developed and we can expect to see it very soon.

Just imagine thinking of something and your phone automatically executes it. You can send SMS, update Facebook status and even post a tweet by just thinking without even touching your phone. The idea was first thought to become a solution for differently-abled people so they can use smartphones just like ordinary people can.

But just like other technology, the initial idea of having it used by a specific group of people has grown to the point that it’s now being considered for everyday use by everyone!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is now gaining popularity in the modern digital world especially in the aspect of gaming. The technology makes it possible for users to get the first-hand experience of the virtual world which used to be confined within the 4 corners of computer and gadget screens.

Soon, it will find its way to even more applications that can help us experience social media and the Internet in a more effortless way.

Virtual/Artificial Assistants

Android has Google, Windows has Cortana and iOS has Siri. These are virtual artificial assistants developed to make life easier for gadget and device users who have these operating systems installed. All of them exhibit some kind of artificial intelligence which can help improve even your social media experience.

For instance, you can command your phone to open the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram app simple by speaking the command. The AI assistant is also capable of chatting with the device owner and can engage in conversations that user initiates. It can find answers and even give updates on traffic, weather, forex and much other information relevant to its user.

And with its continued development, we’re soon going to see it do even more to the point of performing complex tasks that will benefit everyone. And it will not take that long until we see it.

Augmented Reality

It works much like virtuality but it combines the virtual and the real world into one creating a meaningful experience for users to enjoy. Yes! With this technology, the real world can now be incorporated into the apps and programs that you once enjoyed in your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

But aside from gaming, this technology also has the potential of improving social media. For instance, it can be applied for optimization and become an invaluable asset in aspects such as online marketing. It will then help improve the overall user experience. Augmented reality is currently in use and we can expect to see it being used for other applications very soon.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors have been around for quite some time and today, its use is already being integrated with more advanced technology like automated switches for lighting, heating and even self-driving cars. Today, controlling different home appliances is possible through different products that incorporate Wi-Fi into their controls but with motion sensors, the level of control will increase even higher as experts find more and more ways to incorporate it to our use of social media and the Internet.

A Bright Future is Unfolding for Social Media

As you can see, our world is continually evolving as technology shapes the way we do things. The seven technologies we’ve pointed out above are just a handful of the future that’s in store for humanity. And with the increasing popularity of social media with its scope expanding to different aspects of human life, there’s not much for us to feel but the utter excitement of the greater possibilities that’s coming. And it could be sooner than we all think!

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