0.4.x release

HDT 0.4.x for Syslinux 4.0.4



0.4.1 release

  • Fixing VESA bug

0.4.0 release

  • Adding BOOT ACPI table detection
  • Adding SLIC ACPI table detection
  • Adding MCFG ACPI table detection
  • Adding TCPA ACPI table detection
  • Adding HPET ACPI table detection
  • Displaying FACS table in GUI mode
  • Fixing ACPI structure initialisation
  • Don't shrink CPU model name
  • Parsing RSDP if XSDT is null (HDT under KVM now reports ACPI tables)
  • Fixing ACPI return codes (avoid false positive cases)


  • Make it compatible with 4.x releases
  • Adding ACPI report
  • Detecting multi-core & multi-processor systems
  • Adding "Text mode & Verbose" entry at boot time
  • Updating to memtest 4.20


Menu displaying the ACPI submenu<br>

The CLI displaying the ACPI configration