Boot Parameters

Table of Contents

  1. Automatic commands

List of boot parameters that can be passed to hdt.c32.

modules_alias=<filename> specify the path to the modules.alias file (can be a gzipped file)
modules_pcimap=<filename> specify the path to the modules.pcimap file (can be a gzipped file)
pciids=<filename> specify the path to the pci.ids file (can be a gzipped file)
memtest=<label> specify an alternative LABEL entry for running memtest:
reboot=<label> specify a LABEL name that will be executed when you select reboot from the menu
quiet make the output more quiet at startup
nomenu go directly to CLI mode
novesa run CLI in text mode (less lines fit on screen)
vesa run CLI in vesa mode (more lines fit on screen)
vesa=<background_image> run CLI in vesa mode and set the background image to the specified file
auto= add commands you want to run at startup, see below for more details
tftp_ip= defines the IP server to dump information. Format is under the literal form like Note that default is the same server as the one used for pxe booting
dump_path= defines the path where HDT dumps its information. Path is relative to the / of the tftp server. Default is hdt/

Automatic commands

To execute some automatic commands, the "auto=" command line parameter is used.

Every automatic command have to be a valid command for the CLI mode. The automatic mode will execute all the commands, one by one as if they were entered by a user on the CLI.

Syntax is

auto='<cmd1>; <cmd2>; <cmd3>;'

Every command have to be separated by a semi-colon (';') character. In case of a single command, the semi-colon must be used, like in

auto='show cpu;'