Is Technology Good for the Environment?

post2 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?

Technology and the environment are viewed by many as enemies or opposites that don’t go together. However, this view may be faulty. Technology has its pros and cons, but in many ways, it is helping us protect the environment that people believe it is killing. There are many ways in which technology is both good and bad. Let’s have a closer look at why technology is good for the environment.

1. Renewable Energy Solutions

1 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
Everyone knows that we are using up the natural resources in the world at a rate that is very dangerous. Scientists and technology companies have been working for decades to invent solutions for our energy source use. Technology has brought us solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear options, and more. These sources will help us reduce and possibly start repairing the damage that we caused over the last several centuries.

2. Environmental Monitoring

2 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
Yes, we as humans are responsible for the troubled environment. Our practices have caused damage that may or may not be repaired. Technology can help us to do this. By monitoring the pollution levels around factories and mines and the pH level of the ocean, we can start making changes and prevent further large-scale problems. Drones are also being used for monitoring of wild animals and to help protect rhinos from poaching. Farmers use them to monitor their crops and pick up on potential problems. In terms of monitoring, technology is making it a lot easier to pick up problems or potential problems and do something about it before it becomes a disaster.

3. Smart Homes

3 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
Homes are one of the places that we use a lot of energy, especially to cool or heat the home. Smart homes with sensors and technologies that monitor air quality, temperature, etc. and adjusts accordingly, are helping people reduce their carbon footprint. New advancements in building materials and methods are also contributing to reducing energy use and costs in homes and offices. Eco-friendly light bulbs and appliances are also helping to reduce energy use.

4. Reduced Deforestation

4 - Is Technology Good for the Environment?
We live in a digital age where everything is available on the internet or computers. Businesses are using much less paper for communication and files because everything is done through email or digital documents. People are using less paper which means fewer trees are being cut down which leads to reduced deforestation. Other industries may be influenced negatively by the digital age, but it is helping to protect our trees.

There will always be controversial answers regarding whether technology is good for the environment or not. The bottom line is that we have caused damage to the environment and our only hope to repair some of it and start living better, is through the help of technology. The damage is too much to handle without technology. In this way, the two go together and help each other. Yes, technology also has its negatives like pollution and social effects, but when it comes to the bigger picture of changing our ways, we need technology.



Technology: Good or Evil?

post7 - Technology: Good or Evil?

Is technology good or evil? This is a question asked by many people in the last decade or so. The answer is not a simple or black and white one. As with most things in life, technology also has the good and the bad.

To determine whether it is good or evil depends on the person. Articles have been written about the effects of technology on the human consciousness, productivity, and more. Most of them also leave you to decide for yourself.

Today, we want to look at the good and the evil. And yes, you will have to decide for yourself. Here are three of the many things to consider:

The Good

Medical Technology – Technology has helped improve the health and our chances of living long lives.

From creating cures to better surgical precision to monitoring equipment and helping people breathe when they can’t do so themselves, technology has made a huge impact on medicine and medical technology.

Without many of the technology advances, many more people would have died or lived unhealthy lives.

Communication – Not only are cell phones and other communication devices good for communicating with loved ones overseas, but it is also good in emergencies.

A person in trouble can phone for help and emergency units can be dispatched in no time thanks to communication devices. It helps us stay in touch when we are unable to do so physically.

Computers – The world needs computers because half the world (if not more) runs on computers. Computers and technology based on them automate things and help to make life more convenient.

It helps businesses function more efficient and also helps them to get valuable information and stats to improve their systems and processes.

The Evil

Medical Technology – The downside of medical technology is the research done on animals as well as the evolution of super-bugs. To test whether technology and medicines will work, researchers tend to test these on animals.

The repeated use of certain medications has also led to super-bugs. These bugs are immune to the existing medications and require more research to find new medications. You can see how this becomes a vicious cycle.

Communication – As humans, we tend to take things too far. It’s no different when it comes to technology. It is a great way to stay in touch and keep relationships alive, but it can also have the opposite effect.

When people get too involved in technology like the internet, video games, cell phones, online gambling, etc., they lose touch with people and reality.

This often causes people to have artificial or shallow relationships that only exist online.

Computers – Apart from the fears of robots taking over the world, computers can also be evil in the way that people use them.

The technology for computers has made our world a very different place in a good way. However, it has also made it easier for criminals, predators, bullies, and terrorists to perform their illegal or unsavory actions.

Yes, we leave you with an open answer. Technology is both good and evil and – no surprise – the evil side is mostly due to human activity and their wrongful or poor use of technology that is otherwise a great thing. So, you decide: Is technology good or evil?

Technology Basics: Hardware versus Software

post8 - Technology Basics: Hardware versus Software

Hardware and software are the things we need to work on computers. Generally, you need both to successfully use a computer as they work together. A very basic distinction between hardware and software is that hardware can be seen and touched while software cannot. Let’s have a closer look at the difference between software and hardware.


Definition: Hardware refers to physical devices that make up your computer and that is needed to make the software work. It can be touched and seen.

Examples: monitor, keyboard, motherboard, processor, mouse, hard drives, power supply, graphics card, sound card, modem, printer, speakers, DVD-ROM, smartphone, tablet, etc.

So, if you are reading this article, you probably have all or some of these things right now – computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. You can’t necessarily see the motherboard or CPU, but it’s there. Hardware is the physical stuff and as things go with the physical, it has a tendency to get old and wear out. There are different moving parts that form part of the computer hardware and these can get worn out and break. Luckily, replacing hardware is generally easy.

If you are unsure about what exactly your computer’s hardware consists of, you can download free hardware detection tools to help you find out.


Definition: Software refers to the things that we cannot see, but trust to happen. Software is written in a coding language and we cannot see or touch this code. It can be copied, shared, and deleted unlike hardware.

Examples: internet browser, operating system, word processor, video and photo editor, Photoshop, music player, printer software, games, instant messaging, etc.

You’re still reading this article, so you are using software. You are using an operating system for your computer or smartphone, internet browser, and maybe a music player. Any program that you installed on your computer from a disk, the internet or flash drive, is software. Software makes it possible for the computer to perform certain functions or tasks. Hardware is the stuff that makes it possible to use the software.

Hardware and Software for Businesses

Most businesses in the world use a computer in some form. Large corporations may have thousands of computers and a small startup may only have one or two, but every business needs one. Choosing hardware and software for your business is very important and you should make sure you know what exactly you need. The hardware and software your business needs will depend on the nature of your business, daily operations, and so forth.

Hardware versus software is maybe the wrong way to have entitled this post as they actually need to work together and not opposite each other. Technically, a computer can work without software as long as it has an operating system. However, without specific software applications, you won’t be able to browse the internet, type documents, edit photos, listen to music or watch movies, or draw.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what the difference is between hardware and software. A better understanding of your computer system is always a good thing.